Teenage Mother: "Nine Months Of Trouble", Forty Years Before Juno

Today, one of our new favorite websites linked to the trailer for Teenage Mother, a 1967 scare film that, as a heavily-accented voiceover explains, "may very well be the most impawtant movie you will ever see!" The "teenage muthah" in question is 15-year-old actress Arlene Sue, who rocks knee-high boots, granny panties, and an awesome head of hair. (She also thinks sexy thoughts while eating chicken wings.) According to a review of the film on IMDb, the movie features a scene of a town meeting during which a "film made by doctors for doctors" is screened; a film so with such a graphic depiction of childbirth that it'll make women never want to have sex again. The awesome clip — without the birth scene! — after the jump.


Trailer For The Film "Teenage Mother" (1967) [Feminist Law Professors, via YouTube]
Teenage Mother [IMDB]

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