Teenage Girl Murders Pregnant Woman, Cuts Fetus from Her Womb

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Police said a 17-year-old girl murdered a woman who was eight months pregnant so she could steal her unborn child.


The attack took place in Reynosa, in Tamaulipas, Mexico. According to police, Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez, 17, stabbed and killed Nathaly Cartas Leon, 20 and then cut the fetus out of her womb. Hernandez reportedly used Facebook to carry out the chilling assault. New York Daily News reports Leon was looking for some used nursery equipment when she met Hernandez on Facebook. They arranged to meet, and when Leon arrived at her door, police said Hernandez struck over the head with a blunt object and then stabbed her multiple times. Leon died instantly.

Hernandez took the fetus, to a local hospital, telling workers it was her baby. The fetus was pronounced dead at the hospital. Workers immediately doubted Hernandez' story. Via The Mirror:

Doctors quickly realised that she was not the mother of the child, as she claimed. They could also tell that the baby had not died of natural causes, but that it had suffocated in the womb after the death of its mother.

Reports indicate Hernandez either had an abortion or a miscarriage earlier this year. According to The Mirror, Hernandez has confessed to the Leon's murder.

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Jesus Fucking Christ. There's no way I can eloquently express just how awful this is.