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A 15-year-old Emirati boy has been sent to a juvenile detention center for up to three years after being discovered sucking face with two sisters. A typical hour in the life of a Jersey Shore cast member leads to jail time in the United Arab Emirates. Never have I ever been prouder to be American.


USA Today reports that the boy was originally charged with sexual assault after the girls' father discovered the boy kissing the girls in the girls' bedroom. Turns out that not only was the boy dating the girls (both of them), he'd been let into the house willingly by the girls themselves.

A judge sent the young Hugh Hefner to a juvenile detention center, where he'll stay until he's 18 or until he's been adequately punished. The girls were released to the custody of their parents.


Let the judgment of God be inflicted on these adulterous havers of underage face-sex.

Emirati teen gets 3-year sentence for kissing two sisters [USAT]

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