Before Anne Hathaway sold her teeth and succumbed to TB for an Oscar, she was selling landlines to folks in Ohio.

Cast by Northlich, a Cincinnati marketing agency, the Los Angeles-based Hathaway was flown in to avoid using actors who'd been in multiple local commercials before. In the Cincinnati Bell Telephone spot from the mid- to late- 90s, teenage Hathaway (embarrassingly!) (but also, pretty adorably) tries to shake a boy's hand after their date. She then spends the evening being embarrassed about it to her friend on the phone, only to receive a message later that her gentlemen caller is interested in another outing. What luck!

If you're curious whether or not the people who gave her her big break were invited to the Oscars, they were not. "We didn't get tickets or invited to the after party," quipped Dan Lally, vice president of Northlich.

This is JUST like when I cast Kat Dennings in a student film, and then she became famous a few years later through no relation to the film, and then she didn't send me all her money.


Seriously, what a bunch of snobs.