We always thought there was something really suspicious and Penthouse 'Letters'-y about the Teen Vogue "intern blog", and the other day, upon reading the virgin post of new Intern Juli — pictured somewhat ridiculously at left — we finally figured out why! For your consideration, examples from three separate interns' recent dispatches:

  • Juli:"I was so stressed when deciding what to wear to my interview. I ran around all day in a panic."
  • Sara:"I felt really stressed out about what to wear to my interview. This culminated in some impulsive, last minute shopping at the Barney's Co-op."
  • Diana:"On the day of my interview, I slipped into my favorite little black dress, Sigerson Morrison peep-toe wedges, and classic Burberry trench coat."

Hmmm! Could the entries all have been written by the same person, we wondered? We decided to investigate further, starting with those outfits...

  • In Juli's entry, on the day of her interview she" finally decided on a yellow Marc Jacobs dress" (this slip dress, originally, $995 but now on sale for $597 perhaps?) before making "a split second decision to ditch the yellow dress" and wear "what I wore to my interview at Men's Vogue, (where I intern when I'm not at Teen Vogue)" which is to say an "all black skirt/shirt combo from Intermix". (Sort of like this this $475 Alice Ritter bib dress...)
  • Sara, meanwhile, cops to wearing a "Rebecca Taylor velvet dress" (which was probably a little pricier than this $449 crocheted bell-sleave dress, but you get the idea) to her interview, although "nobody actually saw it as I felt too cold to take off the large sweater I was wearing over it!". Sara adds (in some "top-secret advice" for fellow interns): "sometimes, I wear Uggs on the way to work, and then change into ballet flats when I get to the office." (Prob these Jean-Michel Cazabat Napa leather ballet skimmers for $395 — from Sara's beloved Barney's Co-Op, naturally!
  • Meanwhile, Diana pairs a nameless "favorite little black dress" with Sigerson Morrison peep-toe wedges (like this $460 pair?) and a "classic Burberry trench coat (just in case)" (something like this $795 number?)
  • And Shavanna talks about two outfits, a black and blue French Connection trapeze dress (no longer in stores, but you can snag this Izzy dress for $188!) and a first-day outfit of a vintage dress (Vintage Pucci, perhaps? $795) and vintage Ferragamo pumps (like the ones we found for $76.99).

We were so excited by all this that we decided we'd run some numbers, but then we realized almost every single aforementioned price was wayyyy bigger than, like, our entire clothing budget (ha ha, "budget"!) back when we were interns. Our conclusion? No way did real interns write these posts! That would mean they'd have to be some sort of child of privilege to get an internship at Teen Vogue, when editor in chief Amy Astley made it seem like all you needed to do was "love clothesHm. Maybe this is explains why we started hating clothes.


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