3iYing, a New York-based "all girl creative agency" has created some very interesting videos directed towards companies who market to young women. For a series of videos called Adflip, the firm filmed hundreds of tweens, teens and twenty-somethings reacting to print ads; in each video, the young women explain to the camera why the advertisements they're holding caused them to flip the page in disinterest. Questions Rosaura: "Why are these Herbal Essence girls so bitchy?" Says another girl: "I don't want to smell like Jennifer Hudson, or any other celebrity out there."

One ad made a young woman feel guilty for wanting to eat lunch. A G-Unit clothing photo prompted another to say, "No girl wants to look at another girls' crotch." Young women call ads "phony," and one 20-year-old responds to a razor ad with, "I think this message is saying women only shave their legs to get laid." Since this is also a promotion for 3iYing as an agency, we don't see ads that do work. But one thing is for sure — this honest, from-the-mouths-of-babes approach got our attention.

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