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Teen Runaway Forced Into Prostitution Escapes After Months of Torture

Illustration for article titled Teen Runaway Forced Into Prostitution Escapes After Months of Torture

A teen runaway was found in Jamaica, Queens after three months of being held hostage by two male pimps and another woman.


The 14-year-old victim ran away from her grandmother’s house last fall and soon met 25-year-old Stephen Garrison, 31-year-old Lindsay Archibald and 23-year-old Quanesha Hunte, known as "Fresh,” “Touch” and "Peaches,” respectively. According to Gothamist, when the runaway refused to identify a pimp between the two men, the trio began to sell her body and force her to sleep with numerous clients as they collected her fees.

When the victim tried to escape or plead for her life, she was beaten, kicked in the head and told by Archibald that ‘If you ever try to leave, I'll find you and kill you,’ according to the official complaint. In addition, the victim says she was forced to have "oral and vaginal sex" with Garrison to "see how well she was performing."


When the victim was moved from one house to another on February 3, she was able to call 911 and her grandmother. Police arrived soon after and found a loaded gun inside the house. The trio were charged with felonies, including rape, sex trafficking, promoting prostitution and criminal possession of a weapon.


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Fuck. I hope they rot in jail.