On last night's episode, Catelynn and Tyler—who gave their daughter up for adoption so that she could have a better life than they could give her—continued to get shit for their (selfless!) decision from Tyler's ex-con father.

Seriously, I don't understand where Butch gets off thinking he can criticize anyone for their choice about anything. Looking at his hair, he obviously is not the arbiter of good ideas. It's kind of insane that someone as insensitive and illogical as Butch could have fathered someone like Tyler, who seems wise beyond his years.

Meanwhile, Amber's car broke down, and she had to wait at her father's studio apartment for her boyfriend to pick her up. When he finally appeared after several hours, she and her father both gave him attitude, which caused him to snap at them. Amber then grabbed him by the neck, slammed him against the wall, and slapped him across the face—all in front of their baby.