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Teen Mom Tries To Quit Baby Borrowers 24 Hours Into Taping

Baby Borrowers is only in its second episode, and one of the girls — Kelsey, the one who was the most gung ho about wanting to have kids immediately — has already learned her lesson. As seen last night, Kelsey began freaking out and crying about being left alone with the baby, so her boyfriend had to stay home with her so he could care for the child. The show's producers asked the baby's real mother to give Kelsey a talk, and she convinced the teen to keep on trying, in large part because she too was once a teen mother. (Um, isn't that negating the entire point of this experiment?) Clip above.


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@Gingerlime: As I approach babymakin' age (we want to try in two years) my mom has been VERY open and honest about motherhood, but in a way that prepares me without scaring me or lying to me. Chunks of wisdom like "You will have to work so damn hard to maintain your own identity, but doing so will make you a better mother."

@Thunderpants: I DIED with that whole "useful to society" bit.

@thecameralovesyou: So long as they can make ends meet, I can see their point, though. If you KNOW you DO want to have more kids, and you can provide them with a home, you can at least have some time to yourself when you're 30, rather than if you space them out, then you'll constantly be raising children.