Teen Mom Denies Pregnancy Pact; Principal Stands By His Story

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The Gloucester "pregnancy pact" continues to make news, both in the United States and abroad. Though almost all of the knocked up kids have refused to speak to the press about the alleged "blood oath" for which they all agreed to get pregnant together by any means necessary (rumor is that one of the fathers is a local homeless man), one 17-year-old, Brianne Mackey, has told her story to the Guardian. Brianne, who gave birth to daughter Karlee earlier this month, says, "I found out I was pregnant and dealt with it on my own. It was a mistake. I didn't plan to get pregnant or anything like that." She says she heard about the pact from television, though apparently the local paper, the Gloucester Daily Times, "has been reporting since March with several reliable sources, some of the girls appeared actively to be trying for babies, throwing high fives when the test results were positive and looking glum when they came back negative," the Guardian notes.


The Guardian also interviews Karlee's dad, 17-year-old Michael Mitchell, who is a total piece of work. He was given a Mustang when he graduated from high school earlier this year, but he already crashed it and has a summons for speeding. When asked why so many kids from Gloucester are knocked up, he told the Guardian, "They were horny, it was a cold winter. It's boring around this town. Nothing to do." Also, his plans for the future? "Throwing a party."

For his part, the Gloucester High principal whose comments set off this maelstrom in the first place, Joseph Sullivan, stands by what he said to Time, despite denials from other quarters. He told Time's Kathleen Kingsbury that he found out about the pregnancy pact through "staff reports and student/staff chatter, all of which I have found to be very reliable in my experience as principal." However, due to the controversy, his job may be imperiled, so at this point, he's not going to be doing any more interviews. Sullivan says: "The affected children need to be left alone with their parents and families to deal with the consequences of their actions"


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Stranger Bird

@NewsBunny: Another Mass. native here; from small-town Berkshire county where it's cold and boring, but at least we can go skiing in the winter instead of sexxing the homeless.

I went to public school in Mass. until 8th grade, and all I remember of sex ed was learning the names of the various bits and pieces (and how useful has it been to know where the vas deferens is? Hmm...). I also remember vaguely hearing that STDS ARE BAD and CONDOMS PREVENT THEM, but that was pretty much it for sexual health. I hope this isn't representative of Mass. public school sex ed.