Teen Mom: Birth Control Is A Good Idea

On last night's episode, Farrah—whose family constantly tell her she's immature—made the adult decision to go on birth control. Except it didn't seem as "grown up" when she had to hide it from her parents in their refrigerator.

Farrah does seem a little too preoccupied with finding a new boyfriend, but if she's determined to do that, than at least she's decided to take her reproductive health into consideration, so that she doesn't make the same mistake twice. While her parents are always getting on her back about her lack of maturity, it kind of seems like maybe she'd grow up a little faster if they didn't treat her like such a child—especially when she's making choices that will specifically help to prevent more problems for her.

Meanwhile, one of the other young mothers featured on the show—Maci—seems like she's grown up overnight, and has surpassed the maturity level of the father of her child, although he is five years older than she.


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