Teen Mom 2 Cast Living in Abject Poverty?

After watching how Leah bathes her twin daughters on last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, it's apparent that the cast of the MTV hit reality show is not pulling in the big bucks that the media purports. Leah's life is essentially a country song. She and her husband Cory live in a rundown, one-bedroom trailer so now that Cory is going to get a better job as a coal miner Leah thinks they should buy a bigger, better trailer and park it on a property in a better neighborhood. One of the reasons for this is because their special-needs daughter Ali's physical therapist won't go to their home. The other reason is that they don't have a working bath tub in which to bathe the babies. As you can see in the clip above, Leah cleans her kids in a dank, dirty, unfinished basement that looks like the dungeon from Silence of the Lambs. (Who knew mobile homes had basements, anyway?) The tub does not have running water, but instead is placed beneath some exposed pipe on the ceiling—that happens to be next to some exposed electrical wires—and catches the water that is released.


Of course, this was all filmed about a year ago. Cory and Leah are now divorced and she is engaged to another man—and pregnant again! Congrats?

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Holy classist bullshit, Batman. Based on this clip, Leah is clearly doing the best she can given her circumstances. She can't afford to live in a nicer place, so she's a terrible mother? Millions of Americans live in almost this exact situation every day - hell, I did when I was young - but that doesn't make them unfit or unworthy of parenthood.

A mobile home is a legitimate living space. You don't have to have three bedrooms and a sitting room to be a fit parent.