Teen Girl Forced to Stand on Busy Corner Holding an 'I Steal From My Family' Sign

Kids usually don't think before they steal, but you can bet 13-year-old Natia Wade never thought she'd end up standing on the corner of a busy intersection holding up a hand-written sign that read, "I steal from my family." Wade, who lives in Memphis, ended up there after she racked up a record of taking things—mostly small, inconsequential things—without asking her mom. Apparently the final straw was when she took her mom's debit card and used it to reactivate her cell phone, which he mom had taken away.

Natia's aunt, Lauren Scales, was standing outside with her, and told the local news that she wasn't happy to have to shame the girl in public, but that she needed to learn a lesson:

Don't get me wrong because you never want to put your child in this situation because they're fragile. But with all of the things that are going on with kids stealing things and all the crime being committed in Memphis, she will not be one of them.


For her part, Natia does look chastened, but she said she didn't really know what she was doing was wrong. Who knows if this will have any lasting impact on her sticky fingers, but let's hope that public shaming doesn't become the next big thing in parenting—or we'll have kids with signs everywhere we look and dads shooting up laptops left and right.

Teen Forced To Hold 'I Steal From My Family' Sign On Street Corner As Punishment [HuffPo]

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