Teen Cult Member: "Michael Has Washed My Brain Of All My Own Corrupt Thoughts"

Remember yesterday's post about Wayne Bent, aka Michael Travesser, the prophet of a cult called the Lord Our Righteousness Church who was arrested on charges of child molestation? Well last night, the National Geographic Channel aired a documentary about Travesser and the LORs, and lordy lordy, it was bonkers. This first clip shows Michael with "Healed," one of the minors he is accused of molesting. (Michael, who in cult lore is the son of God, said that God told him to lie naked with seven virgins.) Healed's parents no longer live on the cult's compound, and although her parents have begged her to leave, Healed insists on living with "God's son." Her crazed chuckle is enough to chill anyone with a pulse. After the jump, a second clip showing two other barely-legal LORs explaining the elation they felt at lying naked with Michael, doing "God's will".

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@treecut: See Messiah is one thing. Most people thought Jesus was a psycho-weirdo, too. The whole theme of prophets in the Bible is that no one believes them... ever... and they have to live miserable, horrible lives. Ezekiel basically was made to roll around in shit and dead bodies, Elijah and John the Baptist lived in the desert and ate bugs, Jeremiah has a bald, angry loser who died in exile.

But Biblical prophecy is almost NEVER about the future. It's about the present. It's political commentary. I would say economists, Jon Stewart, and hard-hitting political analysts are the closest things to prophets we have today.