Young Couple Brutally Murdered After Arranging for Sex on Craigslist

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A pregnant teenager and her boyfriend were murdered after arranging to meet a stranger for sex through the website Craigslist.

Police in a Grand Rapids, Michigan suburb told reporters the victims arranged to meet Brady Oestrike, 31, through one of Craigslist's online sex personals sections. According to emails found by investigators, Brooke Slocum, 18, had arranged to meet Oestrike for a sexual encounter if he paid for it. She planned for her boyfriend Charles Oppenneer, 25,to also be present.

Slocum was held captive at Oestrike's Wyoming home for five days before she was killed. Her body was found in the trunk of Oestrike's car on Thursday. Slocum was eight months pregnant at the time of her death. Police obtained a search warrant for Oestrike's home. He fled from police and crashed his car. Oestrike fatally shot himself after the crash, and that's when police discovered Slocum's body, according to ABC News. Police also suspect Oestrike murdered Oppenneer:

Chief James Carmody says her boyfriend [Oppenneer] was found decapitated in a park a day earlier. His head hasn't been found. It's likely that Oppenneer died of some kind of head trauma, but that couldn't be determined without his head being found, police said.


WOOD TV has more details on the investigation currently underway:

Investigators who searched through Oestrike's Wyoming home, which Carmody called a "hellish environment," recovered more than 400 items connected to the case. Included in those items were dozens of firearms and knives and ammunition. Computers, cameras and electronic monitoring devices – as well as items that belonged to Oppenneer and Slocum – were also found, Carmody said.

Carmody also discussed Oestrike's criminal history, which included two domestic assault complaints filed by his ex-girlfriend. The first was filed in May and the second was filed in June when Oestrike's ex moved out of his home, Carmody said.

Investigators have since made contact with the ex-girlfriend, and she is alive and well, according to Carmody.


Police are now being assisted by the FBI, and are currently investigating if there were other possible victims of Oestrike.

Image via WOOD TV.

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