Teen Choice Awards Fashion: Why God, Why?

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The Teen Choice Awards: Ah, how we love that bastion of the little man's (or, er, of the little tween) freedom of expression. The stars pretend they care about their young fans. The young fans cry at the sight of the stars. It's an equal opportunity masturbatory red carpet heydey. The fashion however? Oy. Best summarized by Jessica Alba's outfit here: It started so pretty! But oh GAWD! Those shoes! The good, the bad, and the ugly, after the jump.


The Good: Sophia Bush looks sleek, Eve proves that jumpsuits are hot, Oleysa Rudin rocks modest-chic, and Emily Deschanel is just so pretty and classy that we would totally hate her if we didn't totally love her.

The Bad: Miley Cyrus found Nemo — on her dress, Avril Lavigne needs to get a new look already, Vanessa Hudgens looks like Cleopatra at the prom, and Hillary Duff could be twins with pre-nose job Ashlee Simpson

The Ugly: David Spade, Ryan Seacrest, Sanjaya, and Larry Birkhead: Enough said.

[Universal City, CA; August 26. Images via FilmMagic.]



@ae38: That's so funny, because I was totally raised in Utah - as a Mormon, no less - but I thought it would be extraneous to mention that.

I'm not saying they are all like this - my older sister, who yes, is a Mormon who lives in Utah, started having her babies when she was 24 and today has three gorgeous kids and a thriving business - but a lot are. Especially when you consider that these women are, for the most part, making their decisions with the belief that a place in heaven awaits them for doing so. That's a pretty powerful motivator, if you ask me.

(I'll refrain from sharing my actual opinions about the church teaching and culture that encourages this.)

I don't know. I suppose my views are colored by the things I've seen since living in Utah, in places like Florida. For instance, the infant son of a young couple that lived directly over my boyfriend's apartment died from neglect. One little girl I know, conceived by her parents when they were very young, never sees her dad and rarely sees her mom. I could go on and on but I won't.

Listen. I'm not trying to say that it's wrong to have kids when you are in your early 20s. I'm not saying that I think all parents who are 23 or younger are bad parents. I just think that just because our bodies might be at their most fertile, doesn't mean that's the best time to have babies.