Teddies In Space • Australia Allows Singles & Lesbians A Shot At Fertility

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• British schoolchildren got to send four teddy bears into space for two hours and nine minutes on Monday as part of a project with Cambridge University's spaceflight student club. • A 38-year-old man in Ohio claims to have accidently shot his estranged wife (whom he has previously assaulted) after the couple had sex. • Although unusual baby names are popular with celeb couples, a new survey reports that traditional baby names are still the top choices for American parents. •


• Dutch prosecutors announced today that they have dropped their murder investigation into a late-term abortion that a woman had performed in Spain because the woman suffers from "psychological problems." • The Australian Parliament passed a landmark law today that allows single and lesbian women access to fertility treatment and gives gay partners and parents of surrogate children legal parenting rights. • A former park ranger at the Belair National Park in South Australia claims that rescued koalas that are turned over to park rangers are shot. • An English study of personal ads finds that the myth of the "dirty old man" is true, with most men seeking younger female partners. • A group of English actresses claim they were tricked into auditioning for a porn film when they thought they were auditioning for a Little Britain-style adult comedy. • Why do so many men buy sex? • A UK PSA features a dog drug mule with his chest cut open talking to drug users.• Meanwhile, a new study suggests that dogs have evolved to chase more efficiently over long distances and cats have evolved to creep up on prey, rather than chase. • A painting by Giambattista Tiepolo hidden in an attic of a French chateau for decades because it was deemed "risque" fetched $4.1 million at a Christie's auction in London. • China has told artists performing on its annual TV gala on Chinese New Year's Eve to not lip-synch their songs. • A judge in Arkansas issued a gag order on Wednesday in the murder case against a man accused of beating Anne Pressly, a local news anchorwoman, to death. •

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Sleuthy Sleuthstein

When I think of traditional names, I think of John and Robert, not Aiden and Jayden. But that's just me.