Teaser for New Season of American Horror Story Is Creepy Of Course

As you probably already guessed, the teaser for the latest season of American Horror Story is extremely creepy and weird.


It only takes about 20 seconds to hit full-on WHAT THE FUCK mode, too. It's hard to imagine anything topping last season's Coven, but Freak Show looks promising so far. And by "promising" obviously I mean "Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange are back, so who gives a fuck about anything else!" Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Returning cast members include Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, Frances Conroy and Kathy Bates. They'll play performers that Lange's character has rescued. Denis O'Hare and Emma Roberts will return for season four of the series, which reboots itself every season with a completely new story and often features largely the same cast of repertory players. The Shield alum Michael Chiklis will be making his AHS debut, playing the father to Peters' character and ex-husband to Bates' character.


Here's some spoiler-y (sort of) notes about the show, if you want more details. It's pretty cool to Chiklis back on FX, too (sorry Vegas didn't work out for you, dude).

Update: The link has been update to reflect this is a fan made teaser. Holy shit, fans are hardcore.

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They always look really good and then in my opinion about halfway the plot goes to the crapper and I'm disappointed it wasn't cooler. Coven should have ended better!