Debra LaFave, the Tampa-area middle school teacher who was caught schtupping a 14-year-old male student a few years ago was arrested yesterday for violating her probation. (As Tampa's CBS affiliate puts it, Debra was caught in flagrante with her pupil "inside a portable at the school." We really hope "portable" means port-a-john!) Anyway, Debra's more recent transgression involved an "intimate" friendship with a 17-year-old female coworker at Danny Boy's Restaurant. The terms of her probation barred her from having unchaperoned contact with anyone under 18, and, according to the St. Petersburg Times, LaFave dished with her not-quite-legal coworker on "non-work related issues such as family problems, friends, high school, personal life, boyfriend issues and sexual issues in both private one-on-one conversations."

While her lawyer, John Fitzgibbons, dismisses Debra's parole violation as mere "girl talk," Debra's ex-husband, Owen LaFave, thinks she deserves to get thrown in the slammer. "I think now that she has violated her probation, she should go to jail. I think at least a year in jail. You know, it needs to be a deterrent. Everyone needs to know that if you act as inappropriately as she has, you go to jail."

Sure, seducing a 14-year-old student is unquestionably wrong (though Cate Blanchett made it seem almost okay and, uh, kind of hot in Notes On A Scandal), but Debra LaFave's friendship with her nearly-grown coworker seems completely harmless. Do you think her arrest was warranted?

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