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An unmarried woman who was fired by her Christian school employer after discovering she was pregnant would like to set the record straight about herself. She's a good, Christian woman. Unlike those other, wild partying slutty single mothers.


Cathy Samford was a third year middle school science teacher and volleyball coach when she discovered she was pregnant last fall. She and her fiance had planned on marrying during the summer prior, but they'd postponed their wedding. She had no idea she'd be fired over the pregnancy, but that's what happened.

According to school officials, their hands are tied. If this were a public school, it would be an entirely different animal, but this is a Christian school, and in Christianity, the only acceptable pregnancy of an unwed mother is when the Virgin Mary herself is pregnant with Jesus. Otherwise, to the unemployment line with you, strumpet.


She offered to marry her fiance, if that would make school officials feel better, but they refused to consider it. The damage had already been done.

Samford's not the only pregnant teacher whose unwed fecundity cost her her job. In Ohio, a federal judge has given former Catholic school teacher Christina Dias the go-ahead to sue the Archdiocese of Cincinnati after they fired her for artificially inseminating herself. And in Atlanta, a federal appeals court is currently hearing the case of Jarretta Hamilton, a fourth grade teacher who was fired after her boss discovered that she'd gotten conceived before she was married.

Right now, Samford's focusing on rehabbing her image and exploring her legal options. She told ABC News, "I'm not someone who goes out and parties and is crazy and gives bad advice, trying to lead them in a certain direction. It just kind of hurts my heart a little bit."

Samford's situation sucks, but what sucks almost as much is that she feels a need to distinguish herself as somehow better than other single mothers. She was engaged, you see, and they were planning on getting married. Even though circumstance has given her firsthand knowledge that single motherhood is not something that just happens to mythical harlots who can't keep their pants on, she still seems to think she's exceptional rather than normal. Unplanned pregnancies happen to all kinds of women, some of whom choose to carry their pregnancies to term, and many of whom didn't get pregnant after doing lines off of a hooker's ass with Charlie Sheen.


Doctors do not recommend pregnant women engage in such vigorous mental gymnastics.

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