Teacher Arrested for Abusing Girl in Horrifying 'Lollipop Game'

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Here's a truly horrifying story: a California teacher has been arrested for blindfolding a second-grader and forcing her to perform oral sex on him, calling it "the lollipop game."


According to the Fresno Bee, Neng Yang had been a teacher at Freedom Elementary in Clovis, CA since 2007. But earlier this month, a mom noticed that her daughter wasn't on the playground having PE with the other kids. When she asked about it, her daughter said she'd been playing "the lollipop game" alone in the classroom with her teacher, in which he blindfolded her and let her taste different lollipops. Based on her description, authorities were worried abuse was involved, so they searched Yang's classroom — and found cell phone photos and video of the girl performing oral sex on Yang on several occasions dating back to Jan. 3. Yang's now in jail awaiting a hearing — he could be charged with child molestation, sexual abuse of a child, and possession of child porn, and get up to 30 years in prison.

As often (and disturbingly) happens, Yang was a trusted teacher before the arrest. And the abuse has shaken his community for reasons beyond the obvious: says one parent, "I'm Hmong, he's a Hmong teacher. It's a setback for us." A Facebook commenter also called Yang a "disgrace to the Hmong community." Nearby Fresno, CA has one of the biggest Hmong populations in the country, but Clovis is overwhelmingly white — and for a relatively small minority, a sexual abuse case centering on one of their own is doubly upsetting. Ultimately, though, everyone's trust has been shaken. Says mom Natalie Torres: "I couldn't believe they said that 'everyone on staff can be trusted' after this. That trust issue will be in the back of my mind, no matter what school my son goes to." Which is a reminder that child abuse harms not just the victims themselves, but everyone around them, who will now have to worry about teachers playing the "lollipop game" — or something similarly awful — with their kids.

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Not here anymore

If I ever were to have a child, I would tell my child that there is no reason for them to be alone in a closed room with a teacher (or other adult like a coach or police officer); basically being alone with anyone but me or my husband or grandma/grandpa is a no-no unless we tell her otherwise (and are right there; for example, needing to leave a room for a medical procedure with a doctor is okay, but only if we are right outside the door and tell our child it is okay). I would also tell my child that no one is ever to touch them in certain places without permission, or to stick things in their mouth and that this includes relatives. Finally, I would tell them that if anyone ever tells them "not to tell," that person is lying and that it is always, always okay to tell mum or dad what happened.

I hate that we have to make our kids hyper-vigilant to the point of paranoia, but I would rather have them point out something "funny" than end up being abused.

I am so tired of these fucking sickos making the whole teaching profession look bad. I'd strangle him with my bare hands if I could.