As the months have turned increasingly warmer, Taylor Swift has been photographed more and more often out and about on the streets of New York City, wearing clothes. Distinctively put-together clothes.

While Swift hasn't reached the ranks of period-garb obsessed Dita Von Teese, she certainly has demonstrated that she has a proclivity for wearing clothes of a certain mid-century style.

There have been times when Swift has favored relatively modern garb, like the weekend of April 26.


And other times when she's shown interest in other decades: the 80s, the 20s, the...90s.

But even when it wasn't quite so warm out, Swift was showing an interest in a particular trend.


Headbands, modern takes on old-fashioned high heels, high-waisted pencil skirts, a bright red lip.


Housewife dresses for entertaining.

Short-shorts and high-heeled brogues, sometimes with a cute little hat.


Floral rompers and a proper purse.

Lately, though, Taylor has really been going for it.


Really, really, going for it.

Images via Pacific Coast News