​Taylor Swift's Album Will Include Polaroids with Handwritten Lyrics

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You got to give it to the woman—she is really committed to making this album super personal.

IRL "#twee" Pinterest tag Taylor Swift is set to drop her fifth studio album tomorrow, though you probably already knew that from all of the promos and appearances and of course just deep down in your heart. But in this post-Beyoncé world, one cannot simply drop an album. You have to drop an event. Today, Swift tweeted the following:


So Taylor Swift is giving out 13 polaroids per album?! Wow. That's. A lot. Good for her and her fans and all, but. Just. Wow. Okay. I know that hand-written does not mean literally hand-written, but let's be real—Taylor Swift would totally take the time to write out a couple lyrics on millions and millions of polaroids, right? Or maybe that's why she kidnapped all those fans—to make them write out all those lyrics?

I sure as hell hope for the next album, instead of handing out polaroids, she instead gives out a set of handkerchiefs with lyrics embroidered into them, with a little paw print from Olivia Benson in the corner.

Oh, and RIP the wallets of all the parents whose children will make them go buy five copies of 1989 so they can have all 65 polaroids.

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I can't find it in my heart to hate her. She seems smart and earnest. Sure, she's a little twee but it works for her and doesn't distract from her talent. She writes her own songs, she seems to genuinely care about her fans and she gets a lot of unfair blow back for being a "serial dater" which she handles with a lot of grace and class.

I don't particularly like her genre of music, but I can't help but like her as a person. She seems like a really awesome woman.