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Taylor Swift Tee Discontinued by A&F After Fans Unleash Their Wrath

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Abercrombie & "No Fatties" Fitch, the Axe-drenched alpha male of suburban malls, has discontinued a T-shirt that clowns on the various loves of Taylor Swift after her army of fans came down on them like the Red Wedding. The shirt read "# more boyfriends than t.s."

Hey #swifties we no longer sell the tshirt. We — Abercrombie & Fitch (@Abercrombie) June 19, 2013


And the automatic message on all of the A&F store numbers now mentions: “If you are calling regarding the Taylor Swift T-shirt, please note that this item is no longer available." Imagine the effects if kids threw this kind of energy towards protesting the store's weight discrimination! Or supporting a presidential candidate! Or making Fashion Bug popular again! [People]

T-Swizzle made her first Vine. It features her Scottish fold cat and Titanic on a flat-screen, so it's OK by me. [Gossip Cop]


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Auntie Butter Bigot Paula Deen is already in contempt of court for failing to hand over a blooper reel that apparently consists of even more country-fried racism and sexism than the stuff we've already heard about. From the excerpts online, it mostly just sounds crass.

That video — which consists of outtakes from her show — is said to include the 66-year-old dropping the swear word “motherf**kers”, declaring a dish smells like a “stinky coochie” and suggestively describing one gooey meal as “just a syrup that’s gonna stick our balls together.”

She even pretends to perform a fellatio act on a pastry before declaring, “My a** ain’t pretty no more!”


[Radar Online]

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Beyonce stopped at a bodega to smell flowers outside at 10:30 PM and this happened.

“Two girls were walking by and snapped photos, even though the large bodyguards motioned not to,” a spy said. “A passerby who was clearly a tourist said in a thick Italian accent, ‘Who is this girl getting a photo with the flowers for the blogs?’


I like to imagine this tableau as that Seurat painting from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. (Also, this must be a tourist from the planet Saturn?) On an ordinary Sundayyyy. Sundayyyy. Sundayyyyyyyyyyy. [Page Six]

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"They will call her Nori for short." And there was a cry throughout the land, and the livestock became restless, as a hashtag with terrible power was brought into being. [Us Weekly]

  • Waka Flocka Flame is producing Amanda Bynes' album now, apparently. [TMZ]
  • "I consider myself a hero," says Bynes regarding her latest nose job. We can be heroes. Forever and ever. [Us Weekly]
  • She was normal and nice in Atlantic City yesterday. [Page Six]
  • If you wanted to actually see Justin Bieber and his posse tooling around Calabasas like the T-Birds from Grease, you are in luck. [TMZ]
  • Furthermore: El Beebo always requests condoms and jellybeans at hotels like the perviest kid from deleted scenes of Willy Wonka movies. [Life & Style]
  • My favorite thing about this is that Queen Elizabeth's horse is named "Estimate." What a BAMF. [People]
  • Rachel Zoe is pregnant with a second kid. [People]
  • Here is Kate Upton posing topless on a horse, you know, like you do. [NYDN]
  • A girl once tried to stab Armie Hammer during sex. [Page Six]
  • A female college-age fan and her friends spent an evening with Chris Brown and Sean Kingston and discovered they're "very, VERY disrespectful to women." WHAT. [Radar Online]
  • Angelina Jolie's back to philanthropy post-double mastectomy, speaking out about the Syrian civil war. [NYDN]
  • Jamie Lynn Siegler said nice things about James Gandolfini. :/ [NYDN]
  • So did Nicole Kidman. [E!]
  • And Edie Falco if you were not already tearing up. [Vulture]
  • Heather Locklear and Tom Cruise went on one (1) date in 1982 and he did the Risky Business dance. [Us Weekly]
  • David Beckham caused a stampede that injured 7 in Shanghai. [NYDN]
  • Blue Ivy is getting so big. It won't be long before she's Tweeting. [Us Weekly]
  • Barbra Streisand voiced her support for Hillary Clinton 2016 during a concert in Israel. [Page Six]

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I know VS is awful but, for fuck's sake, this is one of the most ill fitted bras I've ever seen. AND IT'S ON THE RUNWAY. PEOPLE CAN SEE THIS. LOTS OF PEOPLE.

Somebody get Kate Upton a bra that fits, please. My tits will thank you in solidarity with hers.

Edit: Not VS, as it turns out— surprising given the copious amount of hot pink ribbon attached to the thing.