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Taylor Swift Sings as World Burns in Dreary Hunger Games Video

Illustration for article titled Taylor Swift Sings as World Burns in Dreary emHunger Games/em Video

"Safe and Sound" is the first song from the Hunger Games soundtrack, and in the just-released video, Taylor Swift wanders through a fiery, haunted post-apocalyptic wasteland (District 12?) in a white dress. The Civil Wars are inside, by a fire (not to be confused with The Girl Who Was On Fire), but Taylor is cold, alone and barefoot. Sniffle. Keep your eyes peeled for the Mockingjay pin.


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I really like this! I normally don't like T-Swift but if she made more music like this I would love her. Also, her hair looks amazing like that and she has nice taste in clothing.

Now I will start the countdown before the obligatory "um, if you want to read the Hunger Games you should just read Battle Royale. The Hunger Games is a rip-off" comment. Or if they're really saucy they'll just say "how is this not Battle Royale?" To which I will reply "yeah, and anyone who wants to read Harry Potter should just read Matilda because they're both about pre-teens discovering they have magic powers and finding solace at school when they're not living with their shitty family. HP is such a rip-off."