Taylor Swift Made Ed Sheeran a Drake-Themed Needlepoint

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Taylor Swift's transformation from lovelorn teen millionaire into your kinda hip aunt who enthusiastically participates in Revolutionary War reenactments and is very content with her life has reached a glorious apotheosis. It has occurred in the form of a Drake-themed needlepoint created for her friend Ed Sheeran.


(Notably, this is not the first rapper-themed 18th century craft she made for the singer-songwriter: last year, she made him jam with her fav Kanye quote emblazoned on the label).

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As you can see in this still from the MTV documentary "9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran," this is a needlepoint drawing of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift scaling some stairs. They started at the bottom, and now they're here — sort of in the middle of the stairs, having a melodic conversation about "CATS" and "LEGOS."

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Upon the stairs, it says, "THE STRUGGLE IS REAL." It's unclear what struggle that is — from Swift and Sheeran's careers, I would posit that it's the struggle to look as good-natured as possible whilst strumming a guitar. Or the struggle to distance oneself from John Mayer. Video at the link. [MTV]


Rihanna and Chris Martin maybe went on a date at an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. Quoth a witness: "They were leaning into each other, laughing and being flirty. Rihanna kept pushing her hair out of her face and Chris appeared to almost be whispering in her ear." OOoOoOOOh. [x17]


Someone threw a Selena Gomez cardboard cutout at the stage while Miley Cyrus performed a song entitled "FU." Miley picked it up and angrily waved it about for a while before hurling it back into the audience. So there's a FEUD happening, I guess? Who knows with these crazy kids. [Gossip Cop]

  • Kris Jenner lost her shoes in the aftermath of the Kimye nuptials (as one does at a wedding???) and had to borrow Jaden Smith's Batman boots. Jaden Smith is a literal hero. [E!]
  • Here is Taye Diggs talking about his split from Idina Menzel :'( [E!]
  • Rihanna is an aunt now; behold these glorious photos of her hugging a tiny little baby. [Gossip Cop]
  • The Kardashian reign of terror continues upon the innocent citizens of the Hamptons: Kourtney recently got a free lunch and did not leave a tip. [Page Six]
  • One Direction worked VERY hard on their new fragrance, says Liam in a promotional video. I am worried that they're making Liam do all the work like some kind of pack mule of public good will. I am also worried that there will be no commercial of the band doing antics in a room full of flower petals. [ONTD]
  • Jessica Chastain got bangs, which I'm sure you knew from the NY Times breaking news alert you got this morning. [People]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams are maybe dating. I hope they have Avatar-style sex in which they connect their hair together. [Page Six]
  • TMZ has a video of Jessica Simpson drunk and going to Jack-in-the-Box. I've never truly believed the mantra of "Stars: they're just like us!" until this day. [TMZ]
  • Selena Gomez is mad at Justin Bieber for being racist, has "Roar" by Katy Perry as her ringtone in order to motivate herself to improve. You know. Typical breakup stuff. [ONTD]
  • Nasim Pedrad won't be returning to SNL next season; she's going to be on Fox's Mulaney instead. [Buzzfeed]

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Wow, Tay Tay needed to maybe plan that out a bit better. That be rouuuuugh. But hey, the thought and sentiment = super cute.