Taylor Momsen: Too Big For Her (Designer) Britches?

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  • Cute little 14-year-old Taylor Momsen - aka Gossip Girl's "Little J" - launches her modeling career with a rather self-important bang. 'A source from the shoot - in Brooklyn - tells us that "Taylor was so nice and so cool. She took the subway from her apartment in Chelsea to the set, with her mom. They said they didn't want to do the usual obvious stuff that a teen TV star would do; they were looking for really high-end things."' [Fashionista]
  • Diane Von Furstenberg uses Warhol images. Unlike everybody else who does that, though, she actually knew him. [Fashionista]
  • Naomi Watts has a total girl crush on Kate Moss, despite obviously being vastly more awesome. "I want to be hip like her," says Naomi. [VogueUK]
  • "Nothing is dead or alive. There are just always great new categories. But who am I to say what's in or out? I walked in here with my dress on backwards." That's Stefani Greenfield, the owner of the Scoop chain, being interviewed with pal Stuart Weitzman. [Scoop]
  • Nike investigates worker abuse allegations. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Video of that Vanity Fair new designers photo shoot. [Vanity Fair]
  • Meet the "Nat 2 Shoe," which looks kinda like a really ugly Converse and "unzips" into a flip flop that is, presumably, equally ugly. Oh, it's German. [The Sun]
  • I didn't want to believe it but we can deny it no longer: the leather dress is huge for fall. [Mail on Sunday]
  • Also big, literally: huge bows. [Fabsugar]
  • Time's running short for models to get their special, sorta illegal fashion week Visas! [Times of London]
  • Liz Claiborne recruits creative type to revamp menswear: "The fashion world is filled with pairings of creative souls and bean counters, the yin and yang of the industry, but this is one of the most pronounced cases of opposites attracting with the mission of reviving a withered American brand." [Washington Post]
  • Is Agyness forgetting the little(ish) people? Designer Henry Holland: 'Now Agyness is hugely successful and I'm so pleased for her. I just hope I can get her to fly back for my show.' [Daily Mail]
  • Gott in himmel! People are wearing rolled-up jeans. "The puffy, peg-leg '80s profile we never thought would come back is with us again." [Los Angeles Times]
  • Yet another self-described "first supermodel", Penelope Tree. [Guardian]
  • Lanvin's tres chic new denim: "Miles away from the navel-grazing, hip-hugging, utilitarian image of jeans in America, this is denim like you've never seen it before — sophisticated, feminine and utterly French." [Los Angeles Times]
  • Yeah, yeah, we've heard: Man Men inspired fall fashions. [AdAge]
  • High-tech fabrics - self-cleaning! - morph from sportswear to runway. [Financial Times]
  • Graphic novelist Adrian Tomine designs pretty nifty tote for the Strand bookstore, which is just nerdy and awesome in so many ways. [MediaBistro]
  • Betsey Johson turns 30! (You know what I mean; she's obviously 60-something.) Says her business partner, "The first show, I sat everyone, and then I modeled, and the next day I went to the showroom and sold it, and then I paid the bills, and Betsey did the patterns." [Yahoo]
  • New chairman for luxury behemoth LVMH. [WWD]
  • Japanese shoe-removal conventions lead to sock anxiety. "Many Japanese will sympathize with (expat) Tanahashi - we all know how Bad Socks Days can be. On the other hand, wearing great socks is a good way to boost morale. By great socks the Japanese mean they must be functional, lovingly made, attractive and comfortable." [IHT]
  • Also from VF's 'fashion issue: seriously freaky London models spread. [Vanity Fair]
  • Another one bites the dust: Boscov's chain files for Chapter 11. [WWD]
  • The age-old question: do those creepy dry shampoos work? [ElleUK]


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