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Taylor Lautner Breaks Down Three Types Of Twihards

The Buff werewolf has it down to a science: There's the screamer, the crier and the fainter. (He left out the sigher, the huffer, the eyeroller.) Oh, and remember when Taylor was posing wet on the beach? Guess what:

Illustration for article titled Taylor Lautner Breaks Down Three Types Of Twihards

His Rolling Stone cover hits stands now-ish.

Taylor Lautner Covers Rolling Stone In A Wet T-Shirt [JustJared]

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I keep on flipping back and forth between this Rolling Stone cover and the "Can Werewolves Swim" photo and thinking that the non-magazine cover photo is so much nicer. I guess I'm just not a big fan of beefcake no matter how much I like looking at beautiful people.