While telling Jimmy Kimmel about his workout routine for New Moon Taylor Lautner let it slip that he needed to put "something in [his] mouth every two hours." Upon hearing this, the audience completely lost their minds.

It is clear to me now that Taylor Lautner is living in an extended episode of Saved by the Bell, and that every remotely sexual thing he says, intentional or no, will be greeted with a wave of "woooooooooooo!" from the ladies in the audience. He has become the A.C. Slater of Twilight: He takes off his shirt, shows his muscles, smiles a bit, and the ladies go wild. So far, he hasn't worn pleated jeans or a pink tank top, but it's only a matter of time. Pattinson, meanwhile, almost seems relieved by the attention on Lautner, and who can blame him, really. I suppose it's nice to sit back and hear the girls screaming at someone else for a change.