Crisis pregnancy centers, those lovely places that give pregnant women free ultrasounds and then tell a bunch of lies about abortion, receive millions in taxpayer money per year, which is crappy enough on its own. But did you know that many of these taxpayer-funded non-fact based non-health care facilities are also run by people who enforce a Christians-only hiring policy? And that they use the resources given to them by the government to push a religious agenda on patients?

Even though it smells like a clear violation of something the Constitution was written to prevent, religious crisis pregnancy centers are perfectly within their rights to ask questions about applicants' religious faith. On forms at a Rapid City, South Dakota, prospective volunteers are asked how long they've been Christian, church name, pastor name, and whether or not they're in full agreement with what's called the center's "Statement of Faith." According to Sofia Resnik at The American Independent, they're far from the only CPC to employ such a policy. In fact, the South Dakota facility is affiliated with a national organization of CPC's known as CareNet, and CareNet requires all of its affiliates to agree with the central organization's "statement of faith." There are 1,100 CPC's in CareNet.


It sounds like a deadpan voiceover delivered in a bizarre abortion-themed Terminator sequel (this pregnancy has been ... Terminated®), but taxpayer grant-receiving CPC's that push a religious agenda are the norm, not the exception, says Resnik. At least seven states provide grants to CPC's, and Texas requires abortion doctors provide patients with a list of them before they're allowed to receive abortions. One CPC in Florida tells its volunteers,

Our doors are open to women who do not know where else to turn, women searching for answers and help with unexpected pregnancies. Women who need honest information and material items for their baby. Women who need Jesus! YOU can be the one to introduce them to Jesus and help them make life-changing decisions.


My mind read that in Comic Sans.

In addition to trying to push Jesus and adoption on women who are scared and pregnant, CPC's peddle lies. Many of them continue to claim that abortion causes mental health problems and breast cancer, even though the American Cancer Society and other respectable medical organizations have debunked this.


So, taxpayer money (and "taxpayers" are sometimes women who have sex, despite what conservative talking points about "the taxpayers" imply) is being used to fund groups that require subscribing to a very particular type of Christianity — the type that finds no problem with lying to pregnant women.

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