Tavi Gevinson, Teenager, Reflects Back on Her Teen Years

Tavi Genvinson — actress, fashion maven and beloved creator/Editor-in-Chief of Rookie — is all grown up and newly graduated from high school. And considering how Gevinson has always been incredibly mature, it makes sense that the 18-year-old is already looking back and dropping wisdom about her teen years.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Tavi suggests that while high school totally sucks, it might help you bond with other people, not necessarily because you like them, but because you're all going through the same shitty thing together:

"I think everybody should go to high school," she says. "It's horrible, and it unites you with other people."


True for some people, but not for others! Still, it's always nice to hear about the state of high school life from someone who either just finished or is still actually in high school for a change.

When New York Magazine writer Amy Larocca asks if Gevinson will miss her teen years, Tavi replies:

"I will try to hold on to the intense feeling. I will both be glad that that's no longer happening and kind of miss it. When you're 14, you're basically on drugs all the time—the hormones in your body are so crazy. But I really loved and appreciated the intensity of that. And you're experiencing everything for the first time, so everything feels like an epiphany. And, like, I really liked the experience of having a crush, because I was like, this is my thing and it doesn't have to do with you and you're just some dummy boy for me to project on."

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