Tastes Like Slobber

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What happens when you cross an over-saturated bottled water market with a Japanese person whose loose understanding of English isn't going to stop them from slapping it on everything? You get Pet Sweat. Mm, sounds...disgusting? Well, we can only hope that this is the result of an English mix-up for water marketed for pets and not, you know, actual bottled sweat from puppies. On second thought, who would buy bottled water for pets anyways? Surely nothing this absurd would happen in America, right? Right? (Image via WOW.) [WOW]

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@del_ruby: Marketers. What a good post for me to have a typo.

But furthermore, I've seen badly translated English on European products as well, and I'm sure the English speaking world has offered plenty of humorous mishaps in our translated products as well.

I am not at all about making fun of people's broken English when they speak, this is a totally different animal. I guess I could see people being tired of the joke though.