Tara Reid's Swimsuit Needs A Leeeetle More Fabric

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[Saint-Tropez, July 31. Image via Bauer-Griffin]



@BiscuitDoughJones: Eh...mixed results. I don't advise it—haven't seen enough long-term results and it seems like the newest quick fix in a line of many failed experiments. Lipo is hard because it won't neccessarily break up all the attachment points (dimples) and can leave you with lines from the cannula—plus, when you regain fat it'll be in new, often worse, places. Often, it can make the problem worse. Honestly, there isn't really any topical product or surgical fix-all at the moment.

My only advice—-lots of water, cut down on caffiene, squats/lunges/running (good for building up small butts/lifting things in general), and coffee grounds. I scrub with them, then wrap my legs in saran wrap for a half hour and rinse. It's temporary but people were remarking how good my butt looked. Suave is supposed to make a good firming lotion as well but it's damn hard to find.