Tara Reid's Playboy Cover: Sadness And Sexyface

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While there are many things one could say about Tara Reid's Playboy cover, the best summation of the past decade of Reid's career is perhaps this ONTD comment: "I remember her! She used to date Carson Daly!"

The career resuscitating Playboy issue has been done several times before, yet in Reid's case there seems to be something extra sad about it, as she's spent the better part of the past 10 years reconstructing her body after botched plastic surgeries and claims the shoot is her attempt to prove to the public that she's "got it fixed and now I'm OK, and I want people to know that I'm OK. I've been OK now for the last five or six years but people only show old pictures which is so unfair and that's part of the reason why I did the Playboy shoot – to show the world this is me and this is what I look like."

It's not surprising when Hollywood chews up young starlets and spits them out once they can't fit the mold of "hot girl" anymore, but it's still a bit depressing to watch the Tara Reids of the world fall to the pressures of the Hollywood beauty machine, with a topless spread in Playboy viewed as the only way to "prove" their bodies have been "fixed" and are once again ready for public consumption. It is understandable that Reid is upset that pictures of her botched surgeries are going around the internet, but there's something very "see? I'm perfect again! You can love me!" about the whole thing. It's not that Reid was ever a truly great actress, but it's a still a bit sad that her career has devolved to the point where her connection with the general public revolves around whether or not she looks good in without her shirt on, though that seems to be the case for many a struggling starlet who winds up on the cover of Playboy.


However, Reid claims she's in a good place, "spiritually, physically, and mentally," and after the ten years she's had, I hope that's true. And in fairness, the saddest part of the cover is the "Why We Love The 60s!" cover line. Let it go, Hef.

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oh and when did all this happen?

She previously had dated Russian hockey star Sergei Fedorov. In the late 1990s, she dated actor Steve Burton and still is close to him and his family. She briefly dated American football players Tom Brady, Jerome Bettis, Jeremy Shockey, Kyle Boller, Kevin Mawae, and tennis player Mark Philippoussis.