"Instant Arm (and Leg) Lift" is strips of adhesive tape intended to pull up saggy or flabby skin on a woman's arms and thighs. It's suspicious, physics-wise, but it was made by a woman, for women, so it must work!

A friend who is similarly infomercial-obsessed (let's just say we've both seen the inside of a PedEgg) told me about this at a party this weekend and I couldn't believe it. The obvious question: "Where does the fat and skin GO?" isn't answered by this commercial, which appears, like most infomercials, to be aimed at the baby boomers, but it did give us an idea for some sort of invisible Spanx-like invention that pulls all of the skin on your entire body up and into a neat and tidy huge lump on the top of your head, which you would then cover with a hat (hat not included.) By women, for women! In the infomercial realm, nothing is far-fetched.

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