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Tan Mom, Looking Tanner than Ever, Is Diagnosed With Tanorexia

Illustration for article titled Tan Mom, Looking Tanner than Ever, Is Diagnosed With Tanorexia

Avid tanner Patricia Krentcil was in court yesterday, pleading not guilty to child endangerment charges after school officials suspected that she took her 5-year-old child into a tanning booth. As part of a segment on ABC's Good Morning America, Krentcil said, "I've been tanning my whole life."


ABC took a photo of Krentcil to dermatologist Dr. Doris Day — yes that is her real name — who, without meeting Krentcil, diagnosed the Tan Mom with Tanorexia. "Wow… This is a problem," Dr. Day proclaimed. Translation: Blah blah blah OMFG HER FACE.


Tanning Mom Denies Charges in N.J. Court [ABC/GMA]

Disturbingly Tan Mom Arrested After 5-Year-Old Daughter Gets Sunburn

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When this story first surfaced a lot of people on Jezebel and other sites correctly pointed out that "Tanorexia" is a misnomer because it is derived from "Anorexia" which is when people deprive themselves of food (while the condition labelled "Tanorexia" is the opposite...people are binging on tanning and self-tanning products).

The latin root of "-exia" means "less".

The correct terminology would be "Tan Binging". Also I think you could argue labelling this woman's condition "Tanorexia" trivializes "Anorexia" which is a more direct life threatening condition.

Any thoughts?