Today co-host Tamron Hall wore her natural hair on air for the first time this morning. Hall, who usually wears her hair in a straight pixie cut, revealed her short curls which look very similar to her regular style.

She posted a photo on Instagram with a caption saluting Today for supporting the change.

I'm glad Today was fine with her decision, but I'm not going to give them any special props for supporting Tamron wearing her hair the way it grows out of her head.

Hall tweeted that after a late night out in the wilderness shooting a segment with Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls, she was too tired to go through her normal hair routine.


She also cited popular natural hair blogger Curly Nikki with encouraging her natural look.

It's no surprise that Tamron looks great with her natural hair because she is gorgeous, so there's no reason why she would look any less gorgeous wearing her hair, again, the exact way it grows out of her head. I look forward to the day when she can wear her natural hair whenever she pleases and straighten her hair or style it otherwise whenever she pleases without it being a big deal. The ability for a diversity of looks is one of the greatest things about black hair.


So many black women damage their hair or put themselves at risk of damaging their hair trying to achieve a style that's deemed appropriate by the "mainstream" or "corporate" world. I don't know if that's the case for Tamron Hall, but if so, but I hope she feels emboldened to wear her hair in a style thats best for her and encourages other black women, both on an off television, to do the same.

Image via Getty Images and TODAY.