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Tampon Ad Called Transphobic For Claiming Real Women Menstruate [UPDATED]

A New Zealand ad for Libra tampons, which shows two people in a bathroom competing to see who's the better woman, is drawing protests because it discriminates against transgender people. "It's extremely offensive because it's pretty much saying the only way you can be a woman is to get your period," says Agender NZ president Cherise Witehira. "That's where a lot of the anger in the community is coming from — it's saying you are not a woman unless you can get your period. Obviously we can't menstruate. However, we identify as female." Some claim the ad isn't offensive because it doesn't show a transgender woman, but a drag queen (according to this theory, gender identity can be determined by the amount of eyeshadow one applies). Either way, the spot has pulled off the impossible: We're now longing to see women riding their bikes in white shorts and frolicking in a meadow.


UPDATE: Libra has released this statement:

Libra regrets any offence taken to our recent tampon advertisement. It was never intended to upset or offend anyone.

Independent research was undertaken and the advertisement was viewed positively during that testing.

Libra takes all feedback very seriously, and in response to this, we will immediately review our future position with this campaign based on the feedback received. There are no further advertisements scheduled in New Zealand.

The advertisement has not aired in Australia. The advertisement was placed on Facebook however this has also been removed.

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Okay, guys, seriously? Don't get me wrong, saying someone's not a woman for not having a uterus is stupid and narrow-minded. We all agree there, zero doubt.

That being said, I don't think that's what the people who made the ad were trying to portray. I'm pretty sure the video was trying to imply drag queen, not transgendered woman due to the over-the-top makeup, dude body and wig.