Tammy Duckworth Considers Challenging Mark Kirk For Senate Seat

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Tammy Duckworth, first female double amputee in the Iraq war, first Asian-American woman elected to represent Illinois in the House, and, most recently, first-time mom, has announced that she's mulling a run for Senate in 2016. For followers (or rueful watchers) of both Illinois and national politics, this is very interesting news.


Duckworth would run against Senator Mark Kirk, a non-insane Republican and war veteran who in 2012 suffered a debilitating stroke (from which he still hasn't fully recovered). Kirk's served in Washington for 15 years now, and has stated that despite the fact that his mobility has been affected, he'll run for re-election in 2016 "come hell or high water."

Enter Duckworth. She's a 46-year-old, Thai-born double amputee war vet badass who wears a shirt that reads "Dude, Where's My Leg?" to work out and just gave birth to her first child two months ago. According to the Chicago Tribune, her run—if it happens—is still in the early stages.

"I'm humbled by the encouragement that I'm receiving to run for the Senate," Duckworth said, "and I think it's pretty clear that people are looking for a change and I'm going to explore the possibility. I'm ready to really explore the possibility of a run."

Duckworth said she has begun speaking to her husband and close advisers and aides about a possible Senate run. She said she still needed to have a discussion with officials at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, among other people.

The race, if it ends up a Duckworth-Kirk contest, will likely be ugly (fun) as hell. The Tribune notes that last fall, Kirk said of a possible Duckworth challenge that "To fight and lose a Senate race against Kirk is a terrible start to a career." In response, Duckworth told the Trib that she appreciated the concern, but she wouldn't be consulting her opponent in deciding whether or not to run against him.

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