Taliban May Be Willing to Promote Women’s Education as Part of Peace Talks

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According to a document sent to The Sunday Times, the Taliban might be, could be, fingers-crossed ready to promote women's education as part of a bid to restart peace talks with the West. Though The Times couldn't independently verify the paper's authenticity, it reportedly demonstrates current thinking among among Taliban leaders (the paper claims that a source with links to the Quetta shura, the Taliban's Pakistan-based leadership council, provided the latest policy paper).

The paper states, "Women are also a big part of our human society," and that, therefore, "the Islamic emirate will create a level ground for women's education in light of its constitution." During its years in power, the Taliban prevented women from working outside the home. More recently, girls have been attending school despite some violent backlashes and inadequate funding. The paper, if it actually does reflect the Taliban's thinking, could help consolidate some of the educational opportunities that have opened up for women in Afghanistan.


Report: Paper reveals Taliban softening stance on girls' education [MSNBC]

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This WOULD be really cool and everything...but I really don't believe it. There are a lot of moderate Muslims who believe women deserve education, but the Taliban is notoriously not at all part of that group. This just seems so...sudden, out of the blue. There weren't any other smaller concessions to lead up to it, just all of the sudden they go "hey! After years of using horrible violence to prevent women from getting educated, lets completely reverse our position on the issue! Hugs and rainbows all around, guys!"

IDK it just seems like the news paper needed the hits and decided to publish a very much unverified (probably fake) document for page views.