Taking Your Mom to Hooters for the Free Mother’s Day Wings Is Probably a Mistake

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Unless you're a hipster and want to take your mom to Hooters for Mother's Day dinner with an ironic attitude that might be just as offensive as a handsy drunk dude is to your beleaguered waitress, you might not want to take advantage of the famous wing-slinging eatery's Mother's Day special: a free order of 10 boneless chicken wings tossed in your mom's favorite sauce. Then again, who can resist this tantalizing ad copy?

Hooters is showing appreciation to all moms for all that they do to make this world a better place by serving up our signature menu item for free. All day on Sunday, May 13th moms who dine in at Hooters will receive an order of 10 boneless chicken wings tossed in their favorite sauce for free!

This Mother's Day offer is one of many deals that Hooters is giving customers during non-traditional holidays throughout the year. The Mother's Day free wing offer is good for all ladies who dine in at participating Hooters restaurants. The offer is good on dine in orders only and there is a limit of one order for each mom.


Mother's Day is "non-traditional"? Doesn't it happen every year in more or less the same way, with more or less the same breakfast in bed ritual, the same array of semi-thoughtful, mass-produced greeting cards and bad gifts, like the mop and bucket my uncle bought for my mom "as a joke!" last year? That means that it perpetuates a pattern of cultural beliefs or practices, which is the definition of tradition. So there, Hooters. Forget the deliciously battered food or the fact that Hooters employs a lot of women strictly for the purposes of unrepetent consumer objectification — Hooters doesn't even think Mother's Day is, like, a real holiday — they're just trying to get a little of that sweet, ironic M-Day grift, so fuck them and their condescending sauce latherers.

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I become judgmental to the nth degree of anyone who claims to only go to Hooters for the wings or any of their food. Really? You can't find better food elsewhere? The bullshit emanating from that pathetic justification and ignorance of what Hooters actually uses to sell said shitty food is mind-boggling to me.