"Take A Softer, Gentler, And Dare I Say, More Feminine Voice"

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I think we've all been in a situation where you are just yourself and are hanging with a dude who seemingly likes "you." Only, the "you" he has in mind has longer hair, or bigger breasts, or is more inclined to wear pink or be demure than you are. But, you know, he knows if you just changed these small details about yourself, if you just saw it his way, you'd be perfect. And that brings us to "Dave". Dave really totally likes Jezebel, you know, but he has some gentle suggestions about how we should be less off-putting and strident — you know, be more girly. Softer! Gentler! Like a girl blog 'should' be! Gosh, I think we are totally going to take that under advisement.

I have been a reader of your blog since its inception and, don't get me wrong, I like it! It has interesting links and even the occasional zinger. However, I have noticed lately that the blog is taking a much more militant bent: angrier, screamier, irate-er. It's not exactly off-putting, but it does, well, sort of put me off. What's up with that?

I too write a (medicore-defining) blog and have noticed too that, after a while, you just sort of settle into this routine where you mention something and then kvetch about it. I say this not as a criticism, but rather an observation. If you are aware of the subtle shift in tone and celebrate it as "finding your voice," then more power to you; I will still read the blog. If not, maybe you will notice it more as you guys write and take a softer, gentler, and dare I say, more feminine voice as you post.

Regardless, good stuff, and that new chick Sadie Stein** is a pretty addition and a proud member of the tribe.


**Sadie, by the way, isn't actually a member of the Tribe, as her mother wasn't Jewish and she's never practiced Judaism. She would like to add, "A pretty addition?' Ew! I'll assume he left a word like 'good' out between those two." She's a more generous person than I am.



@Susan B.: Since when does a name tell someone's religion? Oh, wait! Isn't that Obama guy a muslim?? As you know, I am a disciple in the church of Whoopass, as you can tell by my name.