Take a horrific shark attack, pair it with a pretty product and what do you get? Shark attack survivor and surfer Bethany Hamilton's new "one armed lip gloss" called "Stoked". Talk about making lemons from lemonade! (Hamilton had her arm ripped off during a shark attack in 2003.) Fashionista reports that those with both arms intact can also use the gloss because, "even if you're not an invincible surf baby, but instead a really busy girl carrying coffee and keys in one hand, and a handbag and a cell phone in the other." [Fashionista]

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@crushdmb: I agree with @formergr:, most comments seem to be quite positive.

Though I will say I find this somewhat odd. "My arm was bitten off, and I had the pluck and strength to continue to live my life. Let's celebrate with... ... lip gloss for the busy girl on the go."

Bethany Hamilton lip gloss is like Mr. T breakfast cereal— neither product has nothing to do with the person or what the public admires about them.