Taiwan's Iron Lady

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Vivian W. Yen, the "Iron Lady" of the Taiwan car industry died in Taipei on Saturday at the age of 95. Yen moved to Taiwan with her husband in 1948, a year before Taiwan split from China. She founded and managed the Tai Yuen Textile Company with her husband, which became one of Taiwan's leading textile companies. In 1953 the couple founded Yue Loong motor company, which began assembling cars for Nissan in the 1960s. She took over the company after her husband died in 1981 and introduced Taiwan's first locally designed sedan in 1986 and kept the company thriving, which also earned her the nickname the "Iron Lady." The company later changed its name to Yulon and is currently overseen by her son, Kenneth K. T. Yen. Pour one out for Yen, another "Iron Lady" proving that women can be just as successful as men while getting ahead in business. [NY Times]

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Where The Mild Things Are

...also, ironically, her clothes were never wrinkled.

Seriously: Respect to Vivian, I'd never heard of her but am duly impressed by her.