Tailor Your Inbox for a Perfect Fit

Last week Jezebel took a page from Hotmail's book and gave readers a quick lesson on spring style selection. That's because, as it turns out, Hotmail is particularly good at personal organization—especially when it comes to handling graymail. Like all those clothes piling up in your closet, graymail—newsletters, social updates, and shopping offers that can flood your inbox—takes up a lot of precious space. But, by using a comprehensive set of customizable filters, Hotmail helps you find the graymail you actually want, and keeps the rest out of site, and out of mind. So, use the following guide to figure out what your inbox style is, and see how Hotmail is helping to manage it—your way.


The Socialite

You're a busy lil' butterfly, and you have better things to do then sort through your email for the content you're actually interested in. Yes, you'd like to know about that new bar opening—that can stay. But, no, you don't need to be alerted every time you're tagged in a photo—you're in all of them, after all. Fortunately, with Hotmail's "Schedule Cleanup" feature you can automate your inbox to show only the correspondence you have time for.

The Coupon Queen

Your friends spot you checking in to a new restaurant every night and wonder how you can possibly afford it. Your trick? The daily influx of coupons, deals and special offers that accumulate in your inbox. With Hotmail's "Flagging" feature you can quickly demarcate which deals you're most interested in, and keep them locked at the top of your inbox until you have a chance to use them.

The All-Or-Nothing Kinda Girl

Sometimes you want to be in the center of the action—and sometimes you want to lock yourself in a dark, quiet room and for everyone to leave you alone. Good thing you can get the same kind of relief from graymail with Hotmail's "Sweep" feature. With just one click, you can hide all the mail originating from a specific sender, or you can use "Unsubscribe" to quickly and permanently remove yourself from a pesky newsletter. The choice is yours!


See? Hotmail gives you choices on how to handle your graymail. So no matter what your inbox style is, you have options.