Five members of the FLDS sect in Texas turned themselves in yesterday to face charges related to child abuse. Five of them, including sect leader Warren Jeffs, were indicted last week on charges that they had sex with minors. The sixth man, Lloyd Hammon Barlow (middle guy in the bottom row) was only charged with

The reunions have begun between FLDS parents and the children that the state of Texas temporarily detained. Church spokesman Willie Jessop said the church will no longer sanction unions of underage girls and will "counsel members against such unions." The state of Texas did manage to prove that as many as five of the

A Texas Appellate Court has ruled that the state had no right to remove the 400+ Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints children from the Yearning For Zion ranch. According to the New York Times, the grounds for removing the FLDS minors was "legally and factually insufficient." The court did not, however, order the return

We've heard a lot about the possible mistreatment of girls in the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints community, but reports are just beginning to emerge about the sexual abuse of young boys as well. Texas officials are investigating the boys taken from the Yearning For Zion compound after "interviews and journal entries