It's been a month since Marc Jacobs showed his eponymous spring/summer 2008 collection in Manhattan and The New York Times Cathy Horyn will not stop talking about how brilliant he is. On her blog today, Horyn writes: "I wanted to see a designer suggest the experience of contemporary fashion—the extra-importance of the

Miu Miu is supposed to be Prada-lite, Prada for the poor folk. In reality, it costs about the same as its big-sister label, but its design aesthetic? Decidedly different. While Prada is known for being anti-sexy and "intellectual" (because, uh, brains and beauty are mutually exclusive?), Miu Miu is a little more,

Almost worse than making people wait over an hour for his show to start, Louis Vuitton's Marc Jacobs committed another sin at the LV show over the weekend: Designing fugly handbags. Sure, there were clothes on display on Jacobs' Paris runway, most of which were made of what looked to be layers and layers of tulle, but

Since taking over the venerable French fashion house founded by Coco Chanel in 1909, "Krazy" Kraut Karl Lagerfeld has deconstructed and reconfigured iconic Chanel looks, adding a punk edge to shapes that would otherwise be, well, too classic. This is a label all about flaunting it — and flaunting it better than anyone

Stella McCartney started to make a name for herself when she put out a collection several years ago that had bananas and pineapples where your breasts and vag are, barely sheathed under her clothes. Still best know, really, as being Sir Paul's kid and Gwyneth's BFF, Stella McCartney is a very competant designer. Her

Even 55 years after its founding, the house of Givenchy still represents and puts forth a sort of extreme glamour, looks that are both conceptual but also outrageously beautiful in their high-artistry. This season's collection, designed by Ricardo Tisci and shown yesterday in Paris, looks like the wardrobe of a modern

Why should you like Dries Van Noten? Because the man does not believe in advertising. So is the shit expensive? Well sure. But this member of breakaway, brilliant Belgian designers known as the Antwerp Six ain't gonna hustle for your hard-earned dollars. Love. We also love his fantastic eye for textiles and

Picky-eater and tight-jeans-loving Kraut Karl Lagerfeld is a design legend: He revitalized the house of Chanel, is now designing Fendi, and has launched labels of his own that have folded and come back almost as frequently as Lohan goes in and out of rehab. Designs for his eponymous label, which always reflects some

Comme des Garcons wouldn't be Comme des Garcons if it weren't slightly wacky, highly architectural, and utterly transformative. This season's collection is all those things. With insane colors. And rag doll hair. And clothes that will make you look like a muppet. But most importantly: Socks with clogs! Gallery below. (

The boys who believe that "fashion is an antidote to reality," Viktor & Rolf, presented a rather musical collection today, with violins either decorating or becoming the garments themselves On the other end of the spectrum were their harlequin dresses, shown in soft peaches and nudes, accented with the softest skirts,

Designer Junya Watanabe studied in the school of Commes des Garcons before branching out to design his own label, and his spring/summer 2008 collection — shown today in Paris — both reflects this and his own colorful, playful bent. There's something almost clownish in the too-big jackets, the neon, hyper-draped

Vivienne Westwood might want us to stop shopping, but that didn't stop her from showing today at Paris Fashion Week. Known for her punk aesthetic, which has increasingly become one of perverted Victorian proportions, replete with much pinning and layering and nipped waists and full skirts, Westwood has produced yet

Fendi went all crazy geometric for its spring/summer 2008 collection. If we were highbrow fashion critics, we'd start talking about the influence of Japanese design and its appropriation, and diffusion, by Western designers. But we're not so we won't and instead we'll just say, "Um, that's a choice" when it comes to

The New York Times' Cathy Horyn is banned from Dolce & Gabbana. Which is too bad, really, because we'd love to hear what she would say about the design team's collection of totally gigantic dresses (and one unfortunate pantsuit). And although we'd never wear anything like them (we don't really have occasions that

Alberta Ferretti's spring/summer '08 show was full of beautiful goddess gowns, delicately draped. Loose shift dresses with pretty details; garments seemingly spun from gold. Particularly innovative? No, not at all. In fact we've seen most of these shapes over and over again, particularly in the past two seasons. (And

Pucci is known for its textiles and crazy prints, natch, but its spring/summer 2008 collection was graphic in a really refined and modern way. It was sharp and clean, the design house's sometimes-overbearing quality was toned down but there was still amazing use of color and line. If you liked Pucci then, you might