Wisconsin Private School Admits Assignment Asking Students to List Three Good Reasons for Slavery Was Offensive 

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that a private school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin has apologized to parents after the mother of a black student posted a photograph of her son‚Äôs fourth grade homework on Facebook on Monday. The assignment asked the elementary school students to ‚ÄúGive 3 ‚Äėgood‚Äô reasons for slavery‚Ķ

Reconstructing the Life of Ona Judge, the Enslaved Woman Who Fled George Washington 

‚ÄúAbsconded from the household of the President of the United States on Saturday afternoon, ONEY JUDGE,‚ÄĚ read the advertisement in Claypoole‚Äôs American Daily Advertiser on May 24, 1796. Decades later, she would reappear in abolitionist newspapers the Granite Freeman and the Liberator to tell her own story of her‚Ķ

GOP Lawmaker Calls Abe Lincoln the 'Same Sort of Tyrant' As Hitler, Thinks the Civil War Was 'Unnecessary'

North Carolina rep. Larry Pittman was evidently not in great spirits yesterday after his unconstitutional bill to restore a same-sex marriage ban in the state was slapped down by the Republican House Speaker. And what do Republican officials apparently love to do when the going gets tough? Make an extremely offensive…

African Union Official to Trump: You Took Us 'as Slaves,' But Not Refugees? 

As Trump’s new Muslim ban wreaks havoc across the world, here’s some real talk (and a history lesson) from South African politician and chair of the Commission of the African Union Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma: “The very country to which many of our people were taken as slaves during the transatlantic slave trade has now…