Taylor Swift Is Dating a British Actor Named Joe Alwyn Who Is Apparently 'the Real Deal'

True to her word, Taylor Swift has been quiet over the past couple of months, presumably licking her wounds(?) post-Tom Hiddleston breakup or just hanging out with her cat or whatever. Just in time for summer—the best season for Instagram PDAs—she’s back, baby. And, surprise, surprise—she’s got a new man.

Scott Snuck a Woman into Costa Rica While Filming KUWTK, Which Infuriated Everyone But Kourtney

The photo above is of Scott Disick lounging beside some anonymous woman in Miami. He looks sunburned, which worries me. Scott! Wear some SPF 50! And don’t forget to re-apply every 90 minutes! But I’m losing focus. The reason Scott is suddenly in Miami and not with the Kardashians in Costa Rica, where he was…

This Week In Tabloids: Kris Jenner and Scott Disick Are Doin' It and You Can't Stop Them

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we find the strength to shuffle into the magazine store after taking a week off to digest last Tuesday’s events, look beyond the apocalyptic headlines at eye level and lift our heads up to the lighter fare—the stuff that’s both less important than it ever was, and an oddly reassuring…

Emma Watson Thinks Comparison Of Trump And the Beast Is Pretty Darn Funny

As you may know, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens star in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast as, respectively, Beauty and the Beast. It’s a sweet little story: romanticized Stockholm Syndrome, a big mammal with anger issues, and some library porn. And according to Stevens, it’s even timely, given the Beast’s…