'When My Son Was Taken, I Felt Like a Failure': Stories From Inside the Child Welfare System

In collaboration with Rise magazine, Jezebel is publishing a series of articles written by parents affected by the child welfare system. This post, the last in the series, is written by Piazadora Footman, who lost her son for three years after she was arrested for buying drugs. In New York City, an estimated 25 to 40

Alabama Prisons Ordered to Improve 'Horrendously Inadequate' Treatment of Inmates With Mental Illness

U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson ordered Alabama to improve prison conditions for its mentally ill inmates on Tuesday, after finding the state’s prisons provide “horrendously inadequate” care for incarcerated people wth psychiatric problems. “Surprisingly,” the ruling reads, “the evidence from both sides…extensively…

Chelsea Manning's Heartfelt Letter to Fellow Prisoners: 'I Never Would Have Made It Without You'

Chelsea Manning, whose prison sentence will conclude this May after President Obama commuted her sentence in one of his final monumental acts in office, has published a heartfelt, hopeful open letter in The Guardian, crediting her fellow prisoners for helping her through her time served. It’s a testament to how brave…